Welcome to StorPod – a unique web site that connects people who have storage space with those who need it.

Founded in 2009 in London, England by a team of professionals drawn from the building design and IT industries, StorPod addresses two of the most common property questions today:

  • “As a landlord, how can I earn money from my vacant property?”
  • “As a tenant, where can I find convenient space to keep my non-essential stuff?”

Just what do you do with that out-of-season sports equipment or the old office furniture that’s taking up space around you? Where can you put that motorcycle, boat or tractor that you need to keep secure?

The answer is simple: Use StorPod to find a vacant utility room, den, attic or empty office to keep those things!

Welcome to StorPod — from our Managing Director, Mark Welsby

Mark Welsby, Managing Director

‘Buildings forming the soul of our habitat’ is a mantra that has always struck a chord with me and as a qualified interior designer I have had the pleasure of seeing numerous buildings and their spaces taking on new purpose, meaning and vitality.

Along with the many great uses of interior space I have also seen an unbelievable amount of misuse, sometimes through neglect but often due to people not knowing of ways in which to maximize its potential.

It was due to this knowledge that myself and a couple of close associates, in property and IT respectively, created StorPod so that anyone who has or knows of ‘forgotten’ space, has a chance to reinvigorate and breath new life into it, often with a financial benefit to themselves.

From tucked away attics, spare rooms and light industrial & retail units, to commercial spaces that would swallow a sports field or two, there may be space somewhere that you would like to maximise.

I am optimistic that should you have or know of any such space, that in StorPod you will find a way to facilitate its transformation and enjoy the mutual benefits associated with doing so.

Mark Welsby
Managing Director